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Country Roads

Last night I attended a meeting in a nearby town, a town so small it’s seemingly not even a town at all but actually a tiny village picked out of a Grimm fairy tale and plopped in the middle of our state. Also, this happened to be only a day after a major blizzard, …

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Breakfast With His Bros

This picture of Roland and his brothers is his favorite thing in our house. He carries it around, kisses it, cuddles it, and as of this morning, eats breakfast with it.   His real brothers were busy doing other things like playing and sleeping this morning so Ro enjoyed a leisurely meal and good …

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Throwback Thursdays

Bad Boys

Every year when I was growing up,  my sister and I would carve pumpkins —  standard run of the mill jack-o-lanterns with triangles for eyes and jaggedly crooked mouths — haphazardly hacked with our father’s giant butcher’s knife. They were nothing like the intricate designs you can achieve now-a-days with a …

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A Ro In the Hay

We went pumpkin picking on Sunday with a few of our friends and the seven children we’ve cumulatively amassed over the past few years. Before this baby boom began, I was the only one with a kid and most of our time spent with this particular group of friends involved beer pong …

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This is my friend, Kim: We met a few years ago at work and I fell so deeply in love with her that I stalked her until she became friends with me. It was surprisingly easy because it turns out she’ll be friends with anybody and is so disarmingly adorable …

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One morning a few weeks ago everybody was getting dressed and ready for the day when Jim whispered “Look!” and pointed at Ro, who was standing calmly in the middle of the room, a statue amidst the tornado of movement around him, every ounce of concentration focused on stuffing his …

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